Corporate crèche

Rock Up and Play can provide an onsite crèche for any corporate event, whether this be in the private, public or voluntary sectors.

To ensure you have a successful event going smoothly, it is important that everyone can join in without any worries, and get the most out of their day. 

An onsite crèche is the perfect solution for attracting participants who require childcare on the day, and thereby maximising attendance at your event.

We can meet a range of childcare needs, from a one-off crèche to a regular crèche to support parents on a course.

We will provide a wide variety of free play resources and structured activities to meet the ages and stages of development of the children expected to attend.

Our high quality and caring service allows parents to leave their children in our professional care with confidence. This peace of mind enables them to fully participate in the event, knowing that their children are safe and secure, and having fun in the best possible care.