Event nannies

Are you organising an event and looking for childcare for a small group of young children?

Are you attending an event with your family and would like an extra pair of hands? 

Our event nannies fit the bill perfectly!

This nanny service is tailored to meet the individual needs of the children and the parents, ensuring that the day is as stress free as possible.

As out childcare is truly bespoke our nannies can look after the children within any time frame :

  • while you get ready before the event
  • during the event
  • during mealtimes

and take them to bed when they’re all partied out!

Just name the date, time, venue along with details of the children, and we'll be there!

A nanny can care for up to a maximum of three children, who can be from different families. If one of the children is under two years of age, then the maximum number is two. 

Each nanny brings along a small collection of toys and activities, which have been selected to meet the ages of the children. Parents need to provide food, drink, nappies, and any favourite / comfort toys

If the venue has outdoor space then the nanny can take the children out to explore the grounds.


You'll be pleased to know the following about our nannies :

  • experienced childcare practitioners
  • DBS police checks
  • good knowledge of paediatric first aid

We gather information about the children in advance, which enables the nanny to provide the best possible care.

We ensure that the children have a great time, allowing the parents to fully relax and enjoy themselves.

Our nanny service starts from £80