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  • Shaving Foam Painting

    Shaving Foam Painting

    Shaving foam is one of our favourite sensory play with endless opportunities for exploration. We've experimented with a wide range of implements but wanted to add another dimension to the fun. Our answer was paint, and lots of it!

    You will need :

    • apron
    • tray
    • white card
    • shaving foam - we use 'cheap as chips' varieties and have never experienced any skin problems
    • range of washable coloured paints in squirty bottles
    • implements like cocktail sticks, wooden chopsticks, ruler, fingers

    1. With apron on cover your tray with shaving foam. Use a long ruler to smooth out the foam.
    2. Now for the fun part! Select your paint colour and squirt!

    3. Go on, go for it!

    4. Now pick up a cocktail stick, or a wooden chopstick, or whatever you think will create a good effect, and get swirling!

    5. You could experiment with the ruler.

    6. And stop before you end up with a sludge colour!

    7. Pick up a piece of card, and carefuly place it over the foam and paint. Gently press all over and peel away to reveal your masterpiece!

    As you can see we rather enjoyed this art session!

    Looking ahead to Christmas we thought we could try cutting out circles from the finished artwork and sticking two together to create baubles. We'll report back on that one!


  • Bristol and Somerset Wedding Awards

    Bristol and Somerset Wedding Awards

    It's been over two weeks since we received Highly Commended for Entertainment Non-Music at The Bristol and Somerset Wedding Awards, but we are still buzzing with excitement!

    Unfortunately I was unable to attend the awards evening. When my phone whistled with a Twitter notification I was not expecting to read this tweet!

    The Bristol and Somerset Wedding Awards were launched in 2013 to recognise the high level of talent within the wedding industry throughout the South West region. The Awards support The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation who organise & fund weddings for people with a life limiting or terminal illness.

    To discover more about this amazing charity please click on the link below,

    Wedding Wishing Well Foundation

    I am so very grateful to all our lovely couples who took the time to vote for us, to the organisers of the award, and especially to my wonderful team of childcarers!

    Here is our certificate, in all it's glory!

    Already looking forward to next year's awards!


  • Fingerprints with Love

    Fingerprints with Love

    Every year as Valentine's Day appears on the horizon I look around for crafts which have a fresh approach to the occasion, and will engage the children. This one fits the bill perfectly. Even small tots can produce an individual piece of art full of love!

    Gather together,

    • cereal packet
    • pencil
    • scissors
    • blu-tack, or similar
    • card, coloured or plain white
    • range of paint colours
    • aprons

    Firstly draw a heart outline onto the cereal packet, and cut it out.

    Now use a few blobs of blu-tack to fix the heart to a piece of card.

    Paint at the ready, fingers at the ready.........

    and get stuck in!

    Once fingers become weary, carefully remove the heart template and voila!

    After many 'experiments' we discovered that the crazier the finger/hand prints are, the better the resulting heart is!

    Head is now buzzing with variations on this idea. Some ideas to try; any shape could be the template, fingers could be replaced with textured rollers or sponges, use sparkly paint, and so on, and so on, and so on!!

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  • Salt Paintings

    Salt Paintings

    After months and months of saying, "Blog? Oh yes, I'm so going to start one!" I've finally got my act together, so here goes!

    Looking back over my time spent with children messy art features highly. In no way could I be described as an artist, and I believe that is why I adore activities where there is no fixed end product. I'm a firm believer that the process is the star of the show.

    So for my first blog I would like to show you our salt paintings. This was a first for all of us, and it was a huge hit with a wide range of ages.

    Gather together,

    • coloured card, black worked well for us, but do try other colours, darkish probably best
    • PVA glue,
    • paintbrushes
    • range of paint colours
    • largish shallow container, a tray would do
    • Cover your table with newspaper, cover up your little artists and don't forget yourself!

    Now we're all set,

    • Either squirt the glue direct from a small PVA bottle, or use a paintbrush, to create a design on your piece of card.

    • Put your card in the shallow container, and sprinkle over the salt. Be generous with the salt!

    • Shake off any excess salt, and place the card back onto the table.

    • Now for the paint. With a paintbrush gently dab your desired colour over the salt design. You may hear some fizzing, and the paint will spread.

    • Leave to dry. Small children's works of art may take several days!

    The possibilities for design and colour are endless, and I have a gallery of examples to back this up!