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  • Salt Paintings

    Salt Paintings

    After months and months of saying, "Blog? Oh yes, I'm so going to start one!" I've finally got my act together, so here goes!

    Looking back over my time spent with children messy art features highly. In no way could I be described as an artist, and I believe that is why I adore activities where there is no fixed end product. I'm a firm believer that the process is the star of the show.

    So for my first blog I would like to show you our salt paintings. This was a first for all of us, and it was a huge hit with a wide range of ages.

    Gather together,

    • coloured card, black worked well for us, but do try other colours, darkish probably best
    • PVA glue,
    • paintbrushes
    • range of paint colours
    • largish shallow container, a tray would do
    • Cover your table with newspaper, cover up your little artists and don't forget yourself!

    Now we're all set,

    • Either squirt the glue direct from a small PVA bottle, or use a paintbrush, to create a design on your piece of card.

    • Put your card in the shallow container, and sprinkle over the salt. Be generous with the salt!

    • Shake off any excess salt, and place the card back onto the table.

    • Now for the paint. With a paintbrush gently dab your desired colour over the salt design. You may hear some fizzing, and the paint will spread.

    • Leave to dry. Small children's works of art may take several days!

    The possibilities for design and colour are endless, and I have a gallery of examples to back this up!