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  • Fingerprints with Love

    Fingerprints with Love

    Every year as Valentine's Day appears on the horizon I look around for crafts which have a fresh approach to the occasion, and will engage the children. This one fits the bill perfectly. Even small tots can produce an individual piece of art full of love!

    Gather together,

    • cereal packet
    • pencil
    • scissors
    • blu-tack, or similar
    • card, coloured or plain white
    • range of paint colours
    • aprons

    Firstly draw a heart outline onto the cereal packet, and cut it out.

    Now use a few blobs of blu-tack to fix the heart to a piece of card.

    Paint at the ready, fingers at the ready.........

    and get stuck in!

    Once fingers become weary, carefully remove the heart template and voila!

    After many 'experiments' we discovered that the crazier the finger/hand prints are, the better the resulting heart is!

    Head is now buzzing with variations on this idea. Some ideas to try; any shape could be the template, fingers could be replaced with textured rollers or sponges, use sparkly paint, and so on, and so on, and so on!!

    Happy Valentine's Day!