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  • Shaving Foam Painting

    Shaving Foam Painting

    Shaving foam is one of our favourite sensory play with endless opportunities for exploration. We've experimented with a wide range of implements but wanted to add another dimension to the fun. Our answer was paint, and lots of it!

    You will need :

    • apron
    • tray
    • white card
    • shaving foam - we use 'cheap as chips' varieties and have never experienced any skin problems
    • range of washable coloured paints in squirty bottles
    • implements like cocktail sticks, wooden chopsticks, ruler, fingers

    1. With apron on cover your tray with shaving foam. Use a long ruler to smooth out the foam.
    2. Now for the fun part! Select your paint colour and squirt!

    3. Go on, go for it!

    4. Now pick up a cocktail stick, or a wooden chopstick, or whatever you think will create a good effect, and get swirling!

    5. You could experiment with the ruler.

    6. And stop before you end up with a sludge colour!

    7. Pick up a piece of card, and carefuly place it over the foam and paint. Gently press all over and peel away to reveal your masterpiece!

    As you can see we rather enjoyed this art session!

    Looking ahead to Christmas we thought we could try cutting out circles from the finished artwork and sticking two together to create baubles. We'll report back on that one!